GoodMills group

The roots of the GoodMills Group’s shareholder the Austrian Raiffeisen Group go back to the agricultural commodity bank founded in 19th century that is still today active in the agricultural sector and owned by 2 million farmers.
GoodMills Bulgaria runs in Sofia the biggest mill in the GoodMills Group in the Eastern Europe with an annual processing capacity of 240.000 tons of grain.
The mill of GoodMills Česko in Litoměřice (Czech Republic) started milling already in 1856.
The mills in Poland at GoodMills Polska have the highest milling efficiency in the Group: 3.300 tons.
The Müller’s Mühle mill of the GoodMills Group in Mannheim is the leading producer of rice and pulses in Germany. The mills of the GoodMills Group in Mannheim (Germany) and in Graz (Austria) process yearly more than 200.000 tons of durum wheat that equal more than 400 million packs of pasta.
The 100% organic mill of the GoodMills Group in Rannersdorf (Austria) is a leader in the organic flour market with a positive CO2 balance certification and an own hydroelectric plant.
The GoodMills Magyarország has two newest mills and the most modern milling capacities across the GoodMills Group.