The Company has been constructed by technological projects and fully completed with equipment of the Swiss company Buhler. The enterprise consists of grain silo with 54 concrete cells and a total capacity of 40000 tons, an elevating tower, a mill with three independent milling lines and a capacity of production of 750 tons per 24h, a silo for mill products with 74 concrete cells and total capacity of 11 000 tons and a warehouse for ready production of an area of 4000 sq.m. On the territory of the Company, there are many auxiliary devices, necessary for self-sufficient operations from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of goods.
Purchase of wheat is on-going, all year round. Deliveries of wheat are made by trucks and railway transport. Samples of every quantity are taken automatically. The laboratory estimates the quality of wheat. After that the wheat is accepted by two lines of a capacity of 150 tons per hour each, further to cleaning and storage in silo cells, separated by quality and lots. The technical devices in the elevating tower make a good preliminary cleaning of the wheat and homogenization of the lots. Each of the mill lines is equipped with high-performance machines for cleaning the grain before milling, automatically setting mixes and automatic moisturizing, which contributes to the constant quality of the ready production.
The total length of the shafts is 30 l.m. per line. We apply complex multi-type milling with a developed process of enrichment, a steady working regime with specific complexity of the dissolving process. That is the best possible way to extract the maximum quality of flour. The cleaning and the milling processes are fully automatic. The Company has a computer system for control of output that marks changes in the parameters of the technological system. Recently, we installed the Buhler’s newest facilities for cleaning and control of the milled products.

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