Purchasing of wheat is an on-going process throughout the year. Deliveries of wheat are made by trucks and railway transport. Samples of every received quantity are taken automatically. After determining the quality of the wheat in the mill’s laboratory, it is accepted by two lines with capacity of 150 tons per hour each and sent further to cleaning and storage in silo cells, separated by quality and lots. The technical devices in the elevator tower provide good preliminary cleaning of the wheat and homogeneousness of the lots.

Each of the milling lines is equipped with high-performance machines for cleaning of the grain, automatically setting mixes and automatic moisturizing, which contributes to the constant quality of the finished products. The total length of the shafts is 30 meters per line. We apply complex multi-type milling with a developed process of enrichment, a steady working regime with specific complexity of the dissolving process. That is the best possible way to extract the maximum quality of flour. The cleaning and the milling processes are fully automatic. The mill has a computer system for control of the output, which indicates changes in the parameters of the technological system. The newest facilities of the Swiss company Bühler for cleaning and control of the milled products are installed in the mill.

GoodMills Bulgaria EOOD possesses an automatic blender for homogenous input of raw materials and additives in production and thus can satisfy the needs of the clients in special flours, produced in line with quality indicators, set by them.

The ready variants of flour are dispatched in bulk by special trucks or in bags of 25 kg or 50 kg. Two automatic lines with high efficiency packaging machines, made by Bosch, pour the flour in 0.5kg, 1 kg and 2 kg bags. They form the paper pack and fix the necessary quantity with a capacity of 100 packs per minute. In 2015, we made improvements in the machine for 5kg and 10kg packs and now we have the capacity of 25 tones per day. The packs are then wrapped in transportation packaging and placed on euro pallets ready for delivery. The packaging in bags of 25kg (or 50kg, if the customer wishes) is done by two chain lines and electronic devices for valve bags. Ready bags are arranged on pallets automatically. The mill has also a line for bran granulation and a line for bran packing in bags. In 2014 GoodMills Bulgaria has implemented a warehouse system management.

In the challenging time with a competitive market environment, the management of GoodMills Bulgaria EOOD decided that the major priority of the company is the quality of the products.

GoodMills Bulgaria EOOD has an excellently equipped laboratory and a highly qualified team of specialists, whose precise work qualifies the incoming grain, the produced milling products, the basic and special flour types. In addition to physico-chemical and organoleptic analyzes of moisture, ash, protein, gluten, gluten release, sieve analysis, the laboratory also determines the rheological properties of flour using a farinograph, extensograph, alveograph. The amylase activity of the flour is examined with an amylograph.

GoodMills Bulgaria can fully guarantee its customers that the products have high and consistent quality. They are also safe from mycotoxins, which are secondary metabolites of microscopic fungi (molds), which are a dangerous natural food contaminant. The reporting of their presence through laboratory analyzes in the enterprise is fully compliant with national and European requirements.

Through the special equipment NEOGEN READER - 321 PLUS in the laboratory of GoodMills Bulgaria can make a quantitative analysis to determine the content of aflatoxin-total, ochratoxin, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol. These are the mycotoxins that may be present in wheat and its derivatives.